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To meet the unique technology needs of our clients, we offer tailored IT strategy & road mapping, software engineering, data management, analytics and sensor network design and implementation services.
With decades of business process knowledge and industry experience, HITactics has become a trusted resource in bringing an organization’s strategic vision to life. We understand what works and how to deploy it quickly. Our key service offerings are:

analytics & business intelligence:

Success today is influenced by the ability to transform data scattered across value chains into useful operational insights at the point of delivery and customer engagement. Our team has years of experience helping organizations of all sizes make better data-driven decisions by delivering:

Processes that drive organizations to make better decisions by providing the right data at the right time and place.
Location-aware analytics, enabled by the ZH Solutions sensor network and the HITactics Industry Frameworks, to improve decision-making and workflows.

Custom, in-depth reporting with drill-thru functionality to promote root-cause analysis.

Mobile & web-based strategic, analytical and operational dashboards to visually monitor quality and performance.
Predictive analytics to forecast problems and prioritize issues.
Self-service BI to empower business users to make better, well-timed decisions.

IT architecture & software engineering:

Information technology is constantly impacted by regulatory change, mergers & acquisitions, evolving industry standards and technology innovations. Maintaining the right infrastructure in this dynamic environment requires an overall vision and roadmap before the first step is taken. Our associates work closely with client organizations to develop a solid foundation for current and future information initiatives that enable that vision.

We maintain long-term software engineering partnerships with strategic technology partners to build and support application development across the latest analytics, data management, Web and mobile app development platforms.

Our software engineering teams provide strong systems knowledge, an understanding of planning and operational workflows, and the technical expertise in the appropriate technologies. Each client is supported by a dedicated team of business and technology experts based on that client’s unique needs.

analytics strategy:

There are risks involved in all major IT ventures and implementing advanced analytics is no exception. An analytics deployment roadmap takes into account the major risks and roadblocks to successful implementation, and outlines steps that could help avoid those pitfalls.

We offer interactive workshop, discovery and roadmap services as well as provide actions to aid in defining the specific business and IT strategies that allow organizations to move from supporting business users and customers to empowering business user and consumers.

Process improvement:

We engage client teams in the use of process improvement tools to reduce variation and improve customer satisfaction, and each tools include a number of key components: A sensor network that tracks employees, customers, items and portable assets in real-time; 
The integration of this ambient location tracking data with ERP data and consolidation of all relevant into a central repository.
Once standard vocabularies and industry taxonomies are applied to this data, real-time analytics and alerts are integrated into business processes, helping employees utilize the latest information and analysis at the point of customer engagement.

data management:

data modeling.

Our team of skilled data architects provides organizations with comprehensive data modelling services – from designing custom conceptual models to implementing physical data models optimized for performance. HITactics also has a collection of pre-built, industry-specific data models that organizations can use to jumpstart their design and implementation processes.

big data wrangling & warehousing.

While data lakes and data warehouses (DW) are two of the most powerful data management technologies, developing them in-house can be a risky, costly and complex process for the uninitiated. Our team of architects has experience in developing an array of Big Data and DW solutions – from standalone research data marts to enterprise-wide deployments.

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